Avi の最新動画!Avi Avital Bloch – Nigun from Baal Shem

YOUTUBE 公開日: 2014/04/27/同ページより転載

Avi Avital – mandolin
Amit Dolberg – piano
From the film “Am Grossen Wannsee – The Wannsee Recordings” by Emre Amram Sonmez.

About the film:
スクリーンショット 0026-04-29 6.34.11“This film takes its name from the Wannsee Conference, a meeting held on January 20th 1942, where fifteen SS and government officials gathered to talk about the mass murder of Jews. In the span of approximately 90 minutes ,they calmly and politely discussed their cooperation regarding the deportation and annihilation of about 11 million men, women and children.

Sixty Seven years later to the day, on January 20th 2009, fifteen young Israeli and German musicians led by Ensemble Meitar, a Chamber Ensemble from Israel, came together to perform the works of Gideon Klein, a talented composer who was murdered during the Holocaust, along with the works of other contemporary Jewish and Israeli composers.

These recordings we performed and filmed in the very room where the infamous conference took place, and on the same date. This is the first time that a project of this kind has been allowed to be filmed inside the conference room.”

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